ANBIMA - Associação Brasileira das Entidades dos Mercados Financeiro e de Capitais represents institutions with business and activities in Brazil´s financial and capital markets. The association represents more than 340 institutions, amongst commercial banks, multiple and investment banks, asset managers, brokerage houses as well as investment consultants.
ANBIMA acts as a private regulator agent, creating and supervising rules according to its Regulation and Best Practice Codes and works together with the Brazilian authorities and public institutions aiming to regulate the activities performed in Brazil´s financial and capital markets.

ANBIMA is one of the main providers of researches and statistics on the different markets it represents and produces information on capital markets, investment funds and treasury products. Also, in order to enhance the transparency of the secondary market of public and private bonds, ANBIMA publishes daily indexes, average rates and value of investment funds quotas which are used as reference by the market agents. Technical reports are also published on a monthly basis.

The Association has developed important initiatives related to education and professional qualification, such as the web site Como Investir ["How to Invest"] and the creation of the Capital Markets Award and the Fixed Income Award, aimed at stimulating the production and dissemination of knowledge through researches related to issues wich are relevant to the development and betterment of the financial and capital markets industry.

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